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Data security is critical to us and thus all Personal Information is held in a secured database. While it is impossible to guarantee the complete security of any computer system and the data contained therein, our vendors are required to maintain and implement robust security policies and procedures that combine with available technologies in accordance with prevailing industry standards, all of which are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your Personal Information. To the extent we are provided with social security numbers or personal financial information, we comply with all applicable regulations regarding the confidentiality and safe disposal of such information.

The complete offering items are in an offering plan available from Sponsor. File no. CD170072 Sponsor: 22-12 Jackson Owner, LLC C/O Adam America Real Estate 850 Third Avenue, Suite 13D, New York, NY 10022. Equal Housing Opportunity. All images, artist’s renderings, representations and interior decorations, finishes, appliances and furnishings are provided for illustrative purposes only and have been compiled from sources deemed reliable. Though information is believed to be correct, it is presented subject to errors, omissions, changes and withdrawal without notice. Sponsor reserves the right to make changes in accordance with the offering plan. Prospective purchases are advised to review the complete terms of the offering plan to further detail as to the type, quality, and quantity of materials, appliances, equipment, and fixtures to be included in the units, amenity areas and common area of the condominium. Sponsor makes no representation as to the continued existence of any of the named establishment or transportation lines located in the neighborhood. Sponsor makes no representation that future construction in the neighborhood surrounding the Condominium will not result in the obstruction of the views from any windows, gardens, and/or terraces. All rights to content, photographs, and graphics reserved to 22-12 Jackson Owner, LLC.

Would you be able to share the qvw file you are working with, it seems the data you shared is giving different charts then the one with your data. It would be difficult to verify why the results are different because both will give different numbers. Can you share your qvw or the data you are using to create the two charts?

Good idea

Thanks Settu!

Only now that Sunny put his solution did I notice that your solution did it. I previously forgot to put the Year into dimensions.

Script change:


subfield([Order ID],'-',1) as [Distribution Center],

[Order ID],

Year([Order Date]) as YearTemp,

QuarterName([Order Date]) as Quarter,

Num(Month([Order Date])) as NumMonthTemp,





[Product ID],




[Order Priority]


(ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

NumMonthTemp as NumMonth,

YearTemp as Year

Resident Sales

Order By NumMonthTemp, YearTemp;

DROP Table Sales;

Line Chart:


1) Month


2) Year

Expression: =Aggr(((Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales))) - 1) * 100, NumMonth, Year)

=Aggr(((Sum(Sales)/Above(Sum(Sales))) - 1) * 100, NumMonth, Year)

Thanks so much Sunny for looking into this! Your answer works, but I marked Settu's answer as the solution since it is so compact (less code).

kushal chawda

as per suggested by stalwar1 settu_periasamy it's working fine but this is alternative to understand the expression like

(current-previous)/previous format

=((sum(Sales) - above(sum(Sales)))/ above(sum(Sales)))

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The ruins of several ancient cities lay one above the other on Kinrot hill, a natural ridge steeply sloping down on all sides except on its northern face that gradually rolls out into the gentle hills of Lower Galilee. Due to its strategic location on a small pass, Tel Kinrot controlled the Via Maris – the major trade route that has connected Egypt and Syria since the Early Bronze Age. In addition to its important position, favorable natural resources, such as perennial springs and the fertile plain of Ginnosar in the direct vicinity, made Tel Kinrot a highly attractive place for its inhabitants. The mound itself covers approximately 10 ha (25 acres), today about half of the area (exactly 5.55 ha/13.71 acres) are accessible for scientific research. A pumping station of the Israeli water company Mekorot occupies the other, southwestern part of the site (Dietrich and Münger, 2003 , Münger, Zangenberg and Pakkala, 2011) .

View on Tel Kinrot from North (Mount of Beatitudes), further to the left lays the Ginnosar Plain, the Cliffs of Arbel and – a bit to the right in the background – the Horns of Hattin (photographed by Merja Alanne; © Kinneret Regional Project).

Tel Kinrot / Tell el-‘Oreimeh was identified with the Biblical town of Kinneret by Gustaf Dalman in 1921 and William Foxwell Albright in 1923. The identification was based on the fact that Tel Kinrot/Tell el-‘Oreimeh is the only large and fortified archaeological site on the western shore of Lake Kinneret with Iron and Bronze Age remains. Although the toponym Kinneret (or Kinrot/Kinnerot) appears several times in the Bible, only a single attestation refers to a town, namely in the «list of fortified cities» in Joshua 19:35. In other passages, Kinneret designates the Lake (yam Kinneret in Num. 34:11; Deut. 3:17; Josh. 11:2; 12:3; 13:27) or a region (kol Kinnerot in 1Kgs. 15:20). Apart from the Bible, Kinneret is also mentioned in much older Egyptian sources: the list of Palestinian cities conquered by Thutmoses III (1490-1436 BCE) at Karnak and in Papyrus Petersburg 1116A, equally dated to the 18th dynasty nike air max 2014 blue and red

The mound of Tel Kinrot from the air, on the shore the old Pilgerhaus and mooring installation built by Gottlieb Schumacher (photograph ca. 1917; © Bayerisches Staatsarchiv).

First explorations on Tel Kinrot were undertaken by Paul Karge in 1911 who mainly concentrated on prehistoric remains. First excavations were conducted by Robert Köppel in 1932 and 1939. Only few results were published. In the 1950s, Israeli archaeologists Gershon Edelstein and Bezalel Rabbani examined archaeological remains on the premises of the future Mekorot pumping station and on several spots on the foot of the hill (Fritz, 1978) . Further archaeological work was carried out in the 1980s by Shan M. M. Winn (University of Southern Mississippi) and Jak Yakar (University of Tel Aviv) who cut a small, but deep trench near the Lake shore, successfully searching for evidence of an Early Bronze Age occupation nike air max throwback 2004 hurricanes
. It was Volkmar Fritz (University of Mainz/Giessen, Germany), however, who directed the first systematic and continuous excavations in several campaigns between 1982-1985 on the hill’s peak («Acropolis») from 1995-1999 and again in 2001 on the lower southeastern slope of the mound (Fritz and Münger, 2002) . Since 2002 «Kinneret Regional Project» – an international consortium of the Universities of Berne (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland), Mainz (Germany) and Leiden (Netherlands) directed by Stefan Münger, Juha Pakkala and Jürgen Zangenberg – continues Volkmar Fritz’ work on Tel Kinrot and in the wider region around it (Pakkala, Münger and Zangenberg, 2004) .

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